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Shenzhen HuaYou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ( hypolymer-cell.com ) was established in 2011, after about ten years of development, HuaYou has become a global leader of customized lithium schemes and products supplier.

HuaYou is a chinese best price lithium polymer cells manufacturer. The polymer li-ion batteries produced in our company can conform to KC, UL, UN38.3, CE and CB / IEC62133 standards and can be used in mobile  phones, bluetooth, MID, portable DVD, MP3 / MP4, digital  camera, electric toys and tools, energy storage equipment, electric-bike, GPS, miner lamp, LED lamps, medical devices and so on.

china lipo cells manufacturer
HuaYou Battery specializes in customize Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. Which are widely applied to Military, medical, financial, communications, security, transportation, logistics, mining, consumer electronics and other fields, Our company can also produce high-rate, high / low temperature and large batteries  for special  purposes besides  the  common  polymer  li-ion batteries.

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Lithium Battery Certifications

Lithium battery Certifications

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