Classification and application range of ternary lithium-ion batteries

Ternary lithium ion battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses three transition metal oxides of nickel, cobalt, and manganese as the positive electrode material. Because it combines the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide and lithium manganate, it has excellent performance for any of the above single-component cathode materials.

ternary lithium-ion batteries

Classification of ternary lithium-ion batteries

1. Ternary polymer lithium ion battery

Ternary polymer lithium ion battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses nickel, cobalt, and lithium manganate (Li(NiCoMn)O2) as the positive electrode material, and uses a gel polymer electrolyte. As the transmission medium of ion movement, electrolyte is generally composed of solvent and lithium salt. The electrolyte of lithium secondary battery mainly includes liquid electrolyte, ionic liquid electrolyte, solid polymer electrolyte and gel polymer electrolyte.

2. Ternary power lithium-ion battery

The so-called power lithium battery means that the battery supports high-rate and high-current discharge, high power density, and releases a lot of energy per unit time. The rate-discharge capacity refers to the ability to maintain the battery capacity when the charge-discharge rate is increased. The rate of charge and discharge is represented by xC. 1C means that the nominal capacity of the battery can be used up in 1h, while the rate of discharge at 2C can be used for 30min.

For ternary power lithium-ion batteries, currently the most researched and most mature technology is undoubtedly the Japanese company Panasonic. The experimental stage has been able to achieve 30C discharge, and the power-type 18650 ternary lithium-ion battery has been successfully commercialized and mass-produced. The discharge rate can reach 12C, and the capacity can reach 3300mAh. There are also manufacturers in China that can achieve a higher discharge rate, but the stability of the battery needs to be improved, especially after a period of use, its cycle life and rate discharge capacity will be greatly reduced.

3. Ternary low temperature lithium ion battery

The temperature characteristic of the battery is an indicator of battery reliability, and the performance of the battery can also be evaluated by changing the ambient temperature. The low-temperature characteristics of lithium-ion batteries are mainly investigated from low-temperature discharge characteristics and cycle life. The most important thing for low-temperature batteries is to maintain the fluidity of the material under low-temperature conditions, so that lithium ions can freely shuttle between the positive and negative electrodes to achieve battery charging and discharging.

At present, China and foreign ternary lithium-ion battery manufacturers can basically achieve a discharge temperature of -20 degrees, and the discharge capacity is greater than 50%, and the cycle life is about 400 times, which can fully meet the common electrical appliances and electrical scenarios. However, in special products such as aerospace, military equipment, or in severe cold environments such as northern and high mountains, lithium-ion batteries must be able to reach a lower discharge temperature to meet harsh operating conditions.

Application range of ternary lithium ion battery

The service life of the ternary lithium-ion battery is also quite long, and the safety is higher than other types of lithium-ion batteries. Under normal circumstances, it will not explode. Ternary lithium-ion batteries have gradually replaced batteries made of lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate as raw materials as batteries. Most laptop batteries use ternary lithium-ion batteries.

Our company’s ternary lithium battery has the advantages of good safety performance, high capacity, long life, ultra-thin and lightweight, high-rate discharge performance, stable design, and extremely flexible design. It is fully compliant with CE, UN, UL and ROHS standards claim. Products are widely used in mobile phones, Bluetooth, mobile Internet devices, portable DVD, MP3/MP4, digital cameras, model airplanes, electric toys, electric tools, energy storage equipment, electric bicycles, GPS, miner's lamps, LED lights, medical equipment, etc, kind of equipment.

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