What are the advantages of 26650 lithium ion battery

26650 lithium batteries are mainly used to replace traditional nickel-chromium and nickel-metal hydride batteries in fields such as miner’s lamps, flashlights, power tools, toys, instrumentation, UPS backup power supplies, communication equipment, medical equipment and military lights.

26650 lithium battery

Compared with nickel-chromium and nickel-hydrogen batteries, the advantages of 26650 lithium batteries are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High energy density, low self-discharge rate
The capacity of a 26650 lithium battery is 1.5-2 times that of a nickel-metal hydride battery of the same quality. At the same time, the internal resistance of the 26650 lithium battery is less than 60mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. It can extend the battery life while extending the usage time. Life.

2. Stable charge and discharge performance
The 26650 lithium battery has no memory effect, does not decompose when heated, has high safety performance and a long life cycle.

3. High pressure
The voltage of 26650 lithium battery is generally above 3.6 or 3.7V, which is much higher than that of nickel-chromium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.

4. It can be connected in series or in parallel to form 18650 lithium battery packs

5. Environmental protection and pollution-free

The 26650 lithium battery can be charged and discharged due to the movement of active lithium ions on its positive electrode. That is, when the battery is charged, active lithium ions are generated on the positive electrode of the lithium battery, move to the negative electrode, and are embedded in the layered structure of the negative electrode. The material system of the negative electrode is graphite, which is carbon with a layered structure. It has many micropores. When lithium ions move to the negative electrode, they will be embedded in the micropores. The more lithium ions embedded in the micropores, the higher the charging capacity.

In the same way, when the battery is discharged, the lithium ions embedded in the carbon layer of the negative electrode are released and move to the positive electrode. The more lithium ions returned to the positive electrode, the higher the discharge capacity. What we usually call the 26650 lithium battery capacity refers to the discharge capacity.

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