What are the precautions for electric bicycle lithium battery charging

With its excellent performance, lithium-ion batteries have become an ideal power source for a new generation of electric bicycles. It is best to charge the lithium battery of an electric bicycle according to the specification, or to calculate the capacity of the lithium battery and the current of the charger. What are the specific precautions for charging an electric bicycle with a lithium battery?

Lithium batteries of electric bicycles charging

1. Lithium batteries of electric bicycles are generally charged, preferably according to the specification. If not, it depends on the capacity of the lithium battery and the current of the charger. For example, a 48V/20A lithium battery, a charger If it is a 5A charger, it will take a little more than 4 hours to charge it. If it is a 10A charger, it will take a little more than two hours. If it is a 20A charger, it will take an hour to charge it.

2. Generally, the newly purchased electric bicycle lithium battery is new and has a large capacity. The charging time will be longer, and it will reach more than 10 hours without changing the light. It will become faster and faster in the future, and it will be reduced to 6 hours after about 2 months. After that, it will be constant for about half a year, and the battery capacity will continue to decay. After 1 year, it can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. Of course, the battery is about to be replaced or needs maintenance.

3. After buying an electric bicycle, the lithium battery generally has about 80% of the power, and it should be charged when you get home. The best time is to charge the charger for 4 hours after the light is turned on, which takes three times.

4. The charging time of the lithium battery of the electric bicycle should not be too long, preferably one hour after the charger changes the light. When charging, it is better to undercharge than overcharge, otherwise the battery will be bulged and swollen due to lack of water. Cause irreparable damage to the lithium battery.

5. If possible, swap the cells in the lithium battery of the entire electric bicycle. For batteries that have passed the warranty period, add 3-4 ml of deionized water to each cell of the battery every three or four months. .

6. The discharge port and charging port of the lithium battery of the entire electric bicycle should be kept clean at all times to prevent copper rust on the contact points, resulting in poor contact and overheating and damage.

7. Before the first charge, the lithium battery of the electric bicycle should be used up, but it cannot be used up. When an electric bicycle is newly purchased, the battery will not be too full, but it will not be too low, unless it is an old battery or a low-quality battery. When you use it, you should estimate the approximate running distance based on the merchant's estimate, so as not to run out of power or run out of power.

8. The activation of lithium battery electric bicycles does not require a special method, and the lithium battery will be activated naturally when the electric bicycle is running.

9. Regularly carrying out a deep discharge is also conducive to "activating" the battery, which can slightly increase the capacity of the battery. The general method is to fully discharge the battery at regular intervals.

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